SpinnerChief Elite 3
SpinnerChief Elite 3 Yes, SpinnerChief 3 is available, free to all in beta!

SC2 is already the leading spin tool, bristling with unique functions and features that leave other spinners standing, but SC3 has even more amazing features!

SC3 has all of the super-powerful features of SC2, plus:

1. Super Spin – One Click to generate articles of very high human readability anduniqueness.


2. Sentence Spin - SpinnerChief 3 can recognise your sentences and rewrite them in good English to help make your articles unique.


3. Sentence Spin + Super Spin – use both of these great features together to produce large nested spun articles with the potential for multiple unique versions.


4. Spin Tree - Want to manually rewrite your articles yourself? SC3's spintree feature makes it soooo easy!


SpinnerChief 3 is only available through our unique WhiteHatBox App. You need to download and install this first, then you can download and install SpinnerChief 3 from within the software.

Q: Why do I have to use the WhiteHatBox App, I just want to download and install SpinnerChief?
A: In the future, all of our software will only be available through the WhiteHatBox App, it's good for us, and it's good for you too:

1. You can download, manage and run all of our softwares from one place.

2. You will get software updates fully automatically.

3. After an update, you can recover to the old version very easily if you dislike the new version.

4. You can get support more easier and visit the WHB forum directly.

5. You can submit bugs to us directly from WHB.

6. WHB can watch the program running status and Auto-Resume programs if they crash.

7. Other functions still under development

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Download Instructions

Go here for full instructions to download and install the WHB app and then SC3 Beta.

SpinnerChief Elite 3

N.B. The WHB App asks for a username and password - if you don't have a WHB Support Forum username and password just click on 'cancel' - you will still be able to use both the app and SpinnerChief 3

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The download file is too big for Virustotal, but here is the scan for the exe:


admin at spinnerchief.com

None as yet because the beta version is free.