Resurrection Remix Rom M 5.7.4 Final Build [MT6582] [Kernel-3.4.67]

Resurrection Remix Rom-Hey, guys, I am Neeraj with another brand new tutorial for ROM lovers. The tutorial is about Resurrection Remix 5.7.4 Final stable build for mediaTek chipset devices. Resurrection Remix rom 5.7.4 ROM is based on 6.0.1 marshmallow version and its build date is 26.9.2016,  MT6592 and Kernel-3.4.67 based ROM. This ROM newly builds and have some cool features in it, the developer of ROM has made it for ROM lovers and the maximum things are working fine in Resurrection Remix Rom 5.7.4 android 6.0 version based ROM.

Resurrection Remix ROM is based on CM(Cyanogen mode). The ROM has good performance, new UI, power also customisations, customization of performance and many more new features directly brought to your device.
[ROM] Resurrection Remix M 5.7.4 Final Build [MT6582] [Kernel-3.4.67]
[ROM] Resurrection Remix M 5.7.4 Final Build [MT6582] [Kernel-3.4.67]

Resurrection Remix Rom 5.7.4 Final Stable Build for mediaTek chipset devices
Roms Detail
Based on 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Build Date--26.09.2016
MT6592 & Kernel-3.4.67

New Build

Resurrection Remix Rom Final M 5.7.4 20160926 Build from Source by MelodiCemen

Chipset: MT6582
Kernel: 3.4.67

The Changelog :
  • Android 6.0.1_r61->r66
  • SysUi: Don't set the panel bat to null and avoid NPEs
  • Connectivity- service: Fix/improve unique hostname
  • Ensure DHCP requests have nonempty hostnames
  • Bluetooth- Fix broadcast receive leak issue
  • QSPanel- RR logo Styles
  • Framework- Fix for file delete on the settings not reflecting in MTP host
  • Framework- Don't turns off voice interaction when close system dialog box
  • SystemUI- Do not pad when config_showscreen On Lock screen hides is false
  • Themes- Give power dialogs own set of volume icons for themes options
  • Prevent invocation of startNavigation() when GPS is off
  • Fix Lockscreen charging current switch to show max current
  • SysUI- Fix oversized kill task icon
  • Services- Core- Use proper tags when logging
  • QSTiles- Configurable Themes tile components to apply 
  • Show/Hide zen icon in statusBar
  • Revert "Fix slow anime when using a gesture to open status bar pulldown
  • Applied workaround for multiselectListPreference bug
  • Ensure packages on adopted media do not move when updated
  • CellulatTile- If switch is enabled, make log press enter data settings
  • Data tile behaviour- Make it customizable by the user
  • Settings- Fix possible NPE most important
  • Settings- Notification light- Fix for app customization
  • DevelopmentSettings- Add an opt-out for recovery updater
  • Don't crash while entering in development settings
  • Fix AIOOBE with root access disabled 
  • Libcameraservice- Don't passes NULL args on SetCallbacks Cal Translation updates 
  • All updates from CM



Resurrection Remix M


How to flash or installation Resurrection Remix ROM based on 6.0 marshmallow version/ installation Guide 

  • First of all, you have to download Resurrection Remix ROM M from the above-given download links 
  • Then you have to download GApps from or download from direct link which is available in Requirements
  • Recommend- Make sure you have to full backup of your ROM and Recovery+ Data
  • Now install philz Recovery and boot into Philz Recovery by pressing volume down+ power button(search button on Google for your recovery mode)
  • Most important you have to fully wipe your phone data and factory reset.
  • Now flash Resurrection remix M ROM on your Android device
  • After successful flashing ROM, flash GApps from Recovery mode 
  • Now click on reboot device and enjoy new Rom.



GUIDE SAME is applicable for CM12/13Port make sure  DONT REPLACE ANY RILD.. and also DONT extreme PORT JANDA NOT LIKE THAT.
So let's take Example:A Simple porting guide first one replaced zimage or kernel from boot stock to boot RR.
Now you have to Delete firmware and copy firmware from stock N.
After that replaced libaudioprimarydefault, lib camera custom,lib cama Lago, lib cam Rv,also lib mali. (Lib)
Edit build prop just DPI issue
We will recommend to you flash with philz latest or twrp latest
And the most important do not flash SuperSU(superuser for Root access)

Credit: for Resurrection Remix Rom

As we know that the ROM has finally Available for MTK based devices. You can flash Resurrection Remix ROM by philz Recovery. Follow the above method for flashing this rom. For making this ROM the developers had done hard work and the final version of Rom is available for ROM lovers. I think the credit is more important to know who are the developers of Rom so we have mentioned their names below. Special thanks for developers who did this for us and we will appreciate their work.
  2. CyanogenMod team
  3. RR team:
  4. Varun date
  5. Xenon
  6. Ferhung
  7. Akhilnarang
  8. Fire855
  9. Hikari
  10. Dhea Mohamad Apriandi
  11. MelodiCemen
  12. Fathurrahman Ara
  13. Obaid Muneer
  14. Zainal Abidin
  15. Prasetyo Adi
  18. Maximum team
  19. Janda families


Final words

So guys in this article we have learned how to flash Resurrection Remix Rom M based on our device. Also discussed how to flash Rom and gapps. Most of the people think why gapps are not included with Rom, in simple words, the developers are trying to reduce the Rom of size and provide us Rom at the small size. Thanks for visiting on my website please do comments if you feel any problems regarding flashing of Rom and gapps. If you get any error while using this Rom please comment below errors. We will update the list in which error will mention.

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