Top 7 ways-To increase Reliance Jio 4G speed Upto 5MBPS

Easy ways to increase reliance jio 4G speed- Now a day Reliance jio 4G become a trending topic in India. When reliance jio 4g was launched. It was only available on lyf phones but now it is available for any 4G device. As we know that Jio 4G sim was only available for Lyf  mobile and that time the 4G speed was pretty much good, the speed was 15-20 MBPS that time but now the speed of reliance 4G become low because of huge traffic to jio 4G network. I have even seen someone on facebook who had downloaded 75 TB data just within few days of launch.

Now the users of jio become huge and due to heavy server load download and upload speed has reduced up to 5 Mbps in some areas. so, guys, i am here with 8 awesome working methods for how to increase reliance jio 4G download and upload speed up to the maximum
Easy ways to increase jio 4G speed
Easy ways to increase jio 4G speed
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 Increase Reliance jio 4G download and uploading speed using VPN trick

Using Vpn for increasing jio 4G speed is a good idea but can we know about the right methods how to use VPN for increasing reliance jio speed. In this method, I will show you how to increase the speed of jio 4g within seconds using some VPN apps on android . 

  • first of all, you need to download VPN app from play store . I will recommend you download the snap VPN or rabbit VPN from here, download any Vpn from here 
  • Now just install them and Open the snap VPN app and start downloading any file which you want to download using your reliance Jio sim
  • Then pause downloads and start to snap VPN connect it with any country like India, Singapore etc and then resume the downloads and check the speed of downloading is increased 
  • enjoy maximum download speed using VPN trick . By using this  method you will get maximum download and upload speed.
Note- Sometimes you will not get high speed by using snap VPN . I will suggest you, change VPN country . it will able to increase the speed. I personally tested this VPN trick on my jio 4G sim and its working fine sometimes it will not work don't worry just try another method because  I have seen that the VPN trick works sometimes and sometimes it's not. so, guys, it was the method how to increase jio 4g speed using VPN.

Method 2- Increase Reliance Jio 4G speed using TrueBalance app 

This is a second working method for increasing reliance jio 4g speed up to 20 Mbps  by downloading and using true balance app. Now lots of people start thinking that how true balance app will work for increase speed. let's dig into TB app trick
  • Firstly you need to download the true balance app from here
  • Open the app, click on OK>>Get this option>>Turn on 
  • Now it will ask about your phone number, Enter your Number and click on  ok 
  • Also, enter this invitation link 
  • Now verify your number via OTP after successfully verifying your Numbers  that's it. 
  • Now enjoy high-speed internet download and up[load 

Method 3-how to increase Jio 4G net speed using Torrent Tricks

  • By adding torrents you will get high speed on your jio 4g sim  but adding torrent files wisely from the internet is key to increasing speed of jio so let's start how to increase speed of internet by adding torrent download 
  • Make sure torrent download client must be installed on your phone 
  • Now you have to add 9-14 torrents files together and allow all files download at same time 
  • after allowing all torrent downloads at the same time , your network should be good
  • Don't pause any of torrent file, if you want to cancel then cancel it.
  • Enjoy this awesome trick in which I told you how to increase jio speed by using torrent 

Method 4-Changing APN settings 

you can tweak with your APN settings and increase a speed of 4g internet speed 
  • First of all, you need to Open the Settings 
  • Now choose mobile networks 
  • Now go to your access point name of reliance jio sim
  • Now you have to create a new APN settings, click on new APN 
  • Now you have to enter all the settings and then click on save the settings are below
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Jio 4g Apn settings for increasing speed of it

  • Name-
  • APN- jionet
  • APN Type- Default
  • Proxy- Not set
  • Port- Not Set
  • Username- Not Set
  • Password- Not Set
  • Server-
  • MMSC- Not Set
  • MMS proxy- Not Set
  • MMS port- Not Set
  • MCC- 405
  • MNC- 857,863 or 874
  • Authentification type- Not Set
  • APN Protocol- IPv4/IPv6
Now save the settings which are mentioned on above now hit enter save and start to download the big files and test the speed of internet

Method 5- Increase Reliance jio 4G download speed using UC browser/Mini {100% working} 

  • First of all, you need to download the UC browser mini from here
  • Now open the UC MINI and start downloading any files like videos movies or app 
  • Then pause all the downloads in UC browser 
  • Now open Snap VPN,  connect it with India server 
  • After connecting the VPN, Resume the download file and then check the speed  of download 
  • I Hope your speed will increase up to the maximum speed of 4g in your area . this trick works for me 
  • if you getting low speed then I will recommend you change VPN country from India to Singapore and then again start a download.

    Method 7-By changing different server name in Access Point 

    • First of all,Open your phone settings 
    • Now locate your jio net APN settings, click on it 
    • In server section , type " " & save settings  
    • that's it, enjoy the jio 4G speed 

    Method 8- For Rooted Phones

    • First of all, you have to download 3G/4G speed optimizer app (google it)
    • In select network speed, choose 12/28/7 - max sped (low battery efficiency) 
    • Click on apply tweak 
    • Now Restart the phone and test the speed, hopefully, increase


    I have mentioned all working tricks. which is helpful for enhancing the speed of the jio 4g internet or how to increase jio 4g speed up to maximum. there are lots of tricks are available on the internet for speed enhancement but some of them are workable. in this post, we have shown all tricks and tweaks which are helpful for in increasing speed of your jio 4g net. All the tricks are working for me I hope they will work for you. if feel any problem regarding this trick or you have another method for increasing jio 4g speed then comment on below I will surely add them . thanks for visiting on my blog 

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